Sunsetting our Signature Blend

Just a quick note to let our customers know that we will no longer be producing Signature Blend. Recently we analysed our blends and found that the vast majority of our customers were buying Central American, 888 or our entry level blend Costa D’oro. We only had a handful of wholesale customers buying Signature, and the main reason they were buying it was it was a few $ cheaper than Central American or 888.

To me it didn’t really fit in our lineup given we already have a more traditional / entry level blend that is well priced, and we have 2 great main blends that most of our customers buy.

We’ve also been doing some recent work in regards to the quality of our blends and we weren’t confident that Signature was up to the standards we want to set. I’ll be writing a blog post about some of those quality improvements soon.

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Wholesale customers have all been migrated over to 888 (which will become our Coastal Blend when we rebrand to East Coast Roast shortly). If you were a previous customer of our Signature blend, I’d encourage you to try 888 or Central American, or if you are after a more traditional / affordable blend, give Costa D’oro a try. Check out the online store here, or if you are a wholesale customer feel free to send us a message.