Cre8ive Coffee has rebranded to East Coast Roast.


Work on your own product with us at our roasting facility in Nerang, where we roast our award-winning coffee.


If you are interested in releasing your own coffee brand, here are some reasons to come have a chat with us. 

roasting options

Our facility has 2 roasters enabling partners to produce batches ranging from under 1kg to 45kg per batch. We currently produce 500kg+ coffee per week at our facility. 

Ailio 1kg Bullet roaster

Our pilot roaster is an industry-leading Ailio Bullet.

It features an automatic drum pre-heating, adjustable heat and fan speed, and continuous real-time feedback provided by infrared bean and drum temperature sensors providing precise, consistent roasting.

Details of each roast can be saved as roast profiles that can then be replayed or shared between roasters.

The best part, being a drum roaster means recipes can be scaled up to our full scale roaster for larger batch sizes.

CRA 45kg Phantom roaster

Our full scale roaster is a locally-made and supported Coffee Roasters Australia (CRA) 45kg Phantom Roaster. 

It’s hourly green bean production capacity is 180kg per hour, and it’s supported by additional equipment, making the production roasting process efficient and simple. 

Extra equipment includes vacuum bean extraction, afterburner, Coffee Sweet Automation system with PC integration with Panel PC Touchscreen and a simple semi-automated bagging system.


If you are keen to chat about roasting your own branded coffee with us, send us a message below or call or text  us on 0499 098 692.