Cre8ive Coffee has rebranded to East Coast Roast.

Bonsoy Milk

Praised by Highly skilled baristas, Bonsoy brings you a high quality soy milk for perfect smooth lattes. Not only does it taste great in coffee, but ‘stretches’ like regular cowsmilk giving you that delicious frothy top we know people love.

Bonsoy Milk also delivers high protein levels for people wishing to increase their protein intake from a vegetable source. Soy is a great source of essential fatty acids, fibers, vitamins, proteins, and minerals. These nutrients play an important role in providing you energy and keeping your body functioning well.

Filtered Water, Organic (Certf. USDA, NOP) & In-Conversion Whole Soybeans (min 14%), Tapioca Syrup, Sea Salt, Job’s Tears (Hato Mugi), Calcium Carbonate



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