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Exclusive East Coast Roast Tasting Pack



This Exclusive Cre8ive Coffee Tasting Pack is designed to take you on a flavour journey across the world to help you find your perfect coffee blend or bean match. Whether you stay in Columbia and enjoy our full-bodied rich Organic single origin Jungle Bean or visit the canals of Italy with our robust Costa d’Oro blend, you are guaranteed to experience a wide variety of beautiful aromas and rich flavours. We hope you enjoy!

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This sample pack includes 4 x 250g bags of our specialty coffee beans:

Coastal Blend

This unique coffee blend has bright floral characteristics with a rich intensity that cuts through milk for a fulfilling, balanced coffee. It is the perfect coffee blend for lovers of flat whites and lattes. Tasting notes of chocolate, red berry & spice.

Hinterland Blend

This versatile blend is our all-round ‘crowd pleaser’.  Hinterland is a great combined to make a delicious sweet chocolate mocha.  It makes a great milk coffee or a mocha with a touch of citrus as a black. Tasting note of sweet mocha, chocolate & zesty citrus.

Single Origin Jungle Bean
Our Jungle Bean is a single origin Colombian bean with juicy fruits and red berry characteristics.  This exotic product provides an overall good body, clean balanced cup of coffee. Tasting notes of red fruits, sweet berry & medium acidity.

Costa d’Oro
This punchy Italian style blend is perfect for your morning flat whites or try a smooth full-bodied espresso. We recommend this blend as an espresso or plunger. Tasting notes of milky chocolate and hazelnut.

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